Ably Apparel was named Gold Winner in 2017 for the Most Innovative Product (Consumer) at the Best in Biz International Awards. The Best in Biz International Awards is the only independent global business awards program; judges each year include prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world. Almost 300 companies from over 30 countries were a part of the fifth annual Awards program in 2017.

Ably Apparel features Filium, a trademarked fabric created by Shah Safari and its sister company, Nirvana Labs LLC. Filium fabric imparts liquid, stain, and is odor repellent. Its repellent properties is due to its natural materials (cotton, wool, silk, linen) and blends. Ably products made with Filium perform like synthetics but retain the breathability and soft feel of organic material. Filium has been considered to be “possibly the biggest change in the apparel industry in the last 100 years.”

Ably Apparel, with the help of Filium, helps consumers save money and save the Earth by being whatever-proof, made from natural & organic material, and being able to last long-time without washes. Because of this, Ably was awarded the Gold Winner Award in Most Innovative Project.

An article detailing the Award win as well as a description of Ably Apparel and Filium.