Throughout Shah Safari’s history, strong production and sourcing have been key to its success.
It’s one of the principal reasons that Shah Safari continually offers incredible value to its retail and wholesale partners as well as to the ultimate consumer.

Having the benefit of family ties in India and Africa, Shah Safari has invested in production facilities in both countries.  This provides an obvious advantage for its private-label production customers by avoiding any added middleman costs.

In addition to its dedicated production facilities, Shah Safari’s close relationship with its network of manufacturers in many other countries provides the ability to source just about any apparel product.  Shah Safari maintains full-time staff in its offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Mombasa, Kenya.

Shah Safari’s customer list of national & international brands that it handles production for is quite impressive.

We would be pleased to be of service should you be looking for a reliable resource for your production needs.  Our entire staff is dedicated to quality, value, and on-time deliveries and our track record speak for itself.

If you would like more information on our production capabilities, please send an e-mail to: