Shah Safari – A Brief History

In 1975, Raj and Akhil Shah founded Shah Safari®, Inc. in Seattle to design, manufacture, market and distribute trend-setting young men’s sportswear.  Shah Safari® grew rapidly into a thriving business.  Their innovative designs, reliability, sourcing strength, and popular price points gained them a huge market share of the young men’s woven shirt business in the U.S.  According to an independent NPD study, Shah Safari, Inc. controlled 24% of the Young Men’s woven tops business in the U.S. from the mid-1980’s through early 1990’s.

In 1982 Shah Safari® launched its International News® division to address a more upscale young men’s sportswear market.  I.N. was one of the pioneers of the urban sportswear trend with the internationally popular brand, MECCA ®.

Shah Safari® and International News® have become global enterprises that specialize in the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of trend setting sportswear brands which include: MECCA ®, A. TIZIANO ®,  RAW EDGE ®, ROAD ®, PUNCH® & ABLY®

International News®, Inc. also owns and operates the ZEBRACLUB® retail boutiques that offer upscale young men’s and women’s fashion products. ZEBRACLUB’s “Flagship” store is in downtown Seattle. It also has international locations in Vancouver, BC and Berlin, Germany.

In 2013, Shah Safari ® launched their AMERICAWARE ® brand.  It is a collection of men’s & women’s casual and workwear related clothing for that features terrific quality, durability, style and value.  Based on the great success that retailers have been experiencing with AMERICAWARE®, the product offering has been expanding every season.  Current categories include, Flannel Shirts, Rugged Denim & Bottoms, Jackets & Shorts.

Shah Safari ® is also involved in significant production in the uniform category via its QUEST Division.

Nirvana Labs®, LLC, a sister company of Shah Safari®, recently launched the revolutionary new eco-friendly Filium® technology that causes natural fabrics to shed liquids, not retain odors and resist stains. The Filium® technology has been developed and perfected over many years of R&D and it was finally introduced to the public via the ABLY® brand of Filium® activated apparel products for men & women.

Raj and Akhil Shah have been recipients of the prestigious “Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, sponsored by Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young, LLP.

Shah Safari’s  international headquarters and domestic distribution centers remain in Seattle.  The company maintains international offices, showrooms, design studios and production facilities in New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Kenya.

Throughout their careers, the Shah Brothers have embraced a culture of giving back to the community.  They are actively involved in several national and international charities and foundations.  To learn more about the Shah family’s philanthropic activities, please visit the “Giving Back” section of this website.